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Migrating ComicBookLover to Snow Leopard

A few people have asked how to migrate ComicBookLover from their existing computer to a brand new Mac running Snow Leopard. Well, the answer is that it’s easy! Simply copy the following file and folder to your new computer. HOME/Library/Preferences/com.bitcartel.comicbooklover.plist … Continue reading

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Remote Control access broken on Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard has broken apps which need to take full control of the Remote Control. A bug report has already been filed with Apple by other developers, so let’s hope they fix things soon. For the moment, both ComicBookLover and … Continue reading

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Snow Leopard Compatibility

I’m pleased to let you know that nearly all our software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 ‘Snow Leopard’. If you come across any issues, let us know. ComicBookLover iRecordMusic PandoraJam RadioLover Radiotastic, our dashboard radio player, is not … Continue reading

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