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Farewell PandoraJam

Sadly, with immediate effect as of November 5th, PandoraJam will no longer be available. Representatives of Pandora Media contacted us recently and after some deliberation and without prejudice, we have decided to halt development of PandoraJam in order to ensure … Continue reading

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PandoraJam 2.0 Update

Update: Please upgrade to 2.1 to resolve most of the issues. Launch PandoraJam and select the menu item PandoraJam –> Check for updates.  This will then start the upgrade process. The next time you launch PandoraJam you can check the … Continue reading

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PandoraJam – Beta with 10.7 support

There is a new beta of PandoraJam available for download and testing. Changes include: support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later) now streams music to AppleTV fixes a problem streaming music to … Continue reading

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Spare some Bitcoin, sir?

Looking to play around with Bitcoin so get in touch if you want to swap 1 Bitcoin for 1 registration code to any software from Bitcartel! Here’s the bitcoin address: 1EggFpzZUj3wDevgkqVBvPGFu6ocJarQd Also send an email to with your desired … Continue reading

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PandoraJam updated to 1.6 build 384

So after a bit of digging around, a bug was discovered where PandoraJam would be trying sometimes to connect to an incorrect port number on an Airport Express. This has now been fixed… and work is underway on adding streaming … Continue reading

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PandoraJam & the Pandora profile pop-up

Are you seeing a pop-up window about setting up a Pandora Profile page? Well, it blocks the PandoraJam window, and as the PandoraJam window cannot be resized (this is by design), this can be an issue. Thankfully, the fix is … Continue reading

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PandoraJam 1.4 and Flash 10.1 (in)compatibility

Flash 10.1 is not compatible with PandoraJam which results in strange behaviour. For now, stick with Flash 10.0 which you can get here: To uninstall Flash, use the Flash Uninstaller: As soon as things are resolved, I will … Continue reading

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