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Farewell PandoraJam

Sadly, with immediate effect as of November 5th, PandoraJam will no longer be available. Representatives of Pandora Media contacted us recently and after some deliberation and without prejudice, we have decided to halt development of PandoraJam in order to ensure … Continue reading

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PandoraJam & the Pandora profile pop-up

Are you seeing a pop-up window about setting up a Pandora Profile page? Well, it blocks the PandoraJam window, and as the PandoraJam window cannot be resized (this is by design), this can be an issue. Thankfully, the fix is … Continue reading

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Hello Pandora One

Exciting news! Pandora is now offering Pandora One, an upgrade to their free service. For $36 you get high quality streaming at 192kbps, no pesky adverts, and the timeout is extended from 1 hr to 5 hrs. This is great … Continue reading

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If you like and want to know more about its roots, it’s worth checking out a MarketWatch article about the start-up. Interesting to note that CEO Tim Westergren identifies Clear Channel Communications as their main competitor, whereas most listeners … Continue reading

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PandoraJam News : Loss of functionality

UPDATE: 22 May 2008 – Good news… things seem to be working fine for the majority of users, but we will keep on monitoring the situation. Contact if you have any issues. Dear PandoraJam users, Recent changes to the … Continue reading

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Pandora – Tale of two codecs

About two weeks ago, started switching their audio streams from 128kbps MP3 to 64kpbs AAC. It may be a permanent change, or a behind the scenes experiment. I have yet to find anything about this on the official Pandora … Continue reading

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Pandora – All Around The World

If you want to listen to and use PandoraJam, but you’re located outside the USA, I can recommend using a VPN service from It’s cheap, it works (for the past few months of testing), and having access to … Continue reading

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