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Sounds Like Teen Spirit

For music fans, check out a new indie film Sounds Like Teen Spirit.  I saw an early screener a month or two ago (a benefit of knowing the peeps at the film company) and it really is a fantastic pop-umentary.  No … Continue reading

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Firewire audio + Leopard = ?

A few users have contacted me over the past few months regarding issues when using their Firewire based audio devices with iRecordMusic and PandoraJam, ranging from glitches when listening to audio, or a regular beeping noise. Well it seems that … Continue reading

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Must be something in the air with also being mentioned in the financial press on the same day as Interesting to note how supposedly makes more money from advertising than selling tracks via affiliates, whereas the FT … Continue reading

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If you like and want to know more about its roots, it’s worth checking out a MarketWatch article about the start-up. Interesting to note that CEO Tim Westergren identifies Clear Channel Communications as their main competitor, whereas most listeners … Continue reading

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Could the last listener in Britain please turn out the lights? will be turning off their service to folks in the UK today, although at the time of writing, the service is still up and running. I suspect when the clock chimes at midnight, the lights will go off… I … Continue reading

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Achtung! Unhappy New Year for UK Pandora Listeners will cease to broadcast to UK listeners as of January 15th, 2008. The reason for this bad news? Royalty rates demanded by recording bodies would put, one of the most popular and innovative internet radio services, out of … Continue reading

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The Duke Is Listening!

Paul Lamere over at Sun recently discovered PandoraJam, and he likes it 🙂 Positive feedback from users is always appreciated, especially from fellow engineers. It turns out that Paul heard about PandoraJam from a recent podcast: This Week In Media … Continue reading

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