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CameraSafe not affected by iPhone’s Keychain security vulnerability

CameraSafe is not affected by the recently demonstrated security problem in iPhones, where if your iPhone is lost or stolen, passwords can be retrieved in under 6 minutes. When CameraSafe was designed, it was always assumed that phones could be … Continue reading

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ComicBookLover for iPhone joins Weight Watchers

One of the fun aspects of iPhone programming is that it challenges and encourages programmers to think about multi-threading and resource constraints. Thus you might notice that apart from improved performance, ComicBookLover 0.4 for iPhone downloads and installs much faster … Continue reading

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ComicBookLover Updated for Mac & iPhone

ComicBookLover has been updated for both Mac OS X and iPhone. Mac OS X update to 1.4 (build 999) – Direct Download Improved performance of locating comics which have changed location Fixed an issue where after locating a comic the … Continue reading

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iPad, I’m down for one

The evolution continues with the iPad. I can’t wait for the apps to come. Check out the iPad presentation if you haven’t already. I loved that last slide, Apple is Technology & Liberal Arts: Indeed. In the internet consumer … Continue reading

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ComicBookLover on iPhone and iPod Touch

ComicBookLover is now on the iTunes App Store, so you can download and start transferring comics over to your iPhone or iPod Touch! This is an Alpha release, so lots of eye-candy and updates to come, and of course, we’ll … Continue reading

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CameraSafe 1.2 (free copies!)

Good news for you happy snappers… CameraSafe (iTunes Link), our iPhone photo security app, has been updated to 1.2 to cover some of the many features requested: photo albums emailing of photos copying of photos back to the Camera Roll … Continue reading

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iPhone 3Gs Hardware Encryption

It’s been a busy week at the Apple Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, with lots of announcements at the Keynote, and lots of new toys for developers to play with. One feature of the new iPhone 3Gs is hardware encryption. … Continue reading

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