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An obvious problem with today’s Apple hardware

I wrote to Tim Cook a year or two ago about a problem with Apple hardware, but he didn’t respond.  Perhaps if thousands of Apple customers write e-mails and flood the support forums we can get an answer. Take a … Continue reading

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ComicBookLover for Mac updated: Mavericks compatibility

ComicBookLover 1.7 (download link) is a 64-bit Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks friendly release. Improvements include: Snappier performance ARC memory management Bug fixes For those running older Macs, ComicBookLover 1.6 (download link) requires Snow Leopard and runs in both 32-bit … Continue reading

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iPad, I’m down for one

The evolution continues with the iPad. I can’t wait for the apps to come. Check out the iPad presentation if you haven’t already. I loved that last slide, Apple is Technology & Liberal Arts: Indeed. In the internet consumer … Continue reading

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Remote Control access broken on Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard has broken apps which need to take full control of the Remote Control. A bug report has already been filed with Apple by other developers, so let’s hope they fix things soon. For the moment, both ComicBookLover and … Continue reading

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Apple Haters II – Rotten To The Core

With the growing popularity of Apple, it’s inevitable that people come out and take pot-shots at Herr Jobs, as we’ve seen before. Rather than considering how the iPod & iTunes have kick-started the legitimate market in digital music, it seems … Continue reading

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iPhone Mania

I have to agree with Nik, that despite the nay-sayers the iPhone is going to be a success. Based upon my own experience of using so-called smart-phones, and seeing the adverts and mini-demos of the iPhone (yes, this happened at … Continue reading

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