ComicBookLover for Mac updated: Mavericks compatibility

ComicBookLover 1.7 (download link) is a 64-bit Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks friendly release.

Improvements include:

  • Snappier performance
  • ARC memory management
  • Bug fixes

For those running older Macs, ComicBookLover 1.6 (download link) requires Snow Leopard and runs in both 32-bit and 64-bit mode.

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9 Responses to ComicBookLover for Mac updated: Mavericks compatibility

  1. Justus says:

    Nice one! But it doesn’t works properly with me. My old version told me to update. Since doing that, it just crashes on Lion. Best regards J

  2. Bingobongo says:

    I’ve tried 1.7 (1529) version on three imacs with 10.9 OS X installed and the program regularly hangs when you try to open a comic…

  3. Clif says:

    How about retina support on MacBook Pro?

  4. Ke says:

    Hey, do u know that the support page for comicbook lover on bitcartel is not working? I tried to retrieve my serial number from that, but found it impossiable cause it says page link outdated every time I entered my email adress.

  5. louis lutgens says:

    no it does not work on Mavericks , only problems

  6. louis lutgens says:

    you people behind Comicbooklover should be ashamed of yourself , first let people pay and then leave them with only problems

  7. louis lutgens says:

    “Ehon” from the App-store much better

  8. turley moo says:

    do not buy this software. they are unreachable, i don’t have any email receipt of my registration number, i believe i bought it in application. now I started a new partition, i cannot reach them to get a serial number. i have written them numerous times.
    they don’t respond to any issues.

    terrible company

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