ComicBookLover is not ready yet for iOS 7

iOS 7 will be available for download tomorrow.  However, running the current version of ComicBookLover on iOS 7 will result in visual artifacts making it not possible to operate the app or read comics properly.

We recommend users thinking of upgrading to iOS 7 to wait until most of their favourite applications have been updated and operate correctly.

If you choose to stay with iOS 6, the current version of the app will be the last one for iOS 6.  All future development will focus on iOS 7.

Today, Apple updated their app store so that you will still be able to download the iOS 6 version of the app, even if in future the only listed version in the App Store is for iOS 7.

Since we now have access to the final release version of iOS 7 and the Xcode 5 development tools are out of beta, we hope to have an iOS 7 compatible version of ComicBookLover in the App Store within a few weeks.  Thanks for your patience!

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4 Responses to ComicBookLover is not ready yet for iOS 7

  1. bjeanyb says:

    Any chance of a response about future development of iRecordMusic?

  2. Marcelo says:

    And what about the Mac Version? Stucked in time, whats happening? You put your efforts in update the iOS version, in which you are not the only one, there’s a plenty of good readers for this system. But you forgot the system that has a lack of this kind of app and where, despite of not being update, you are still the best. If someone discovers this, you will lost the market you have conquered in the last 10 years. Think of it and, at least, answer the questions in the forum. Or.. sell it someone certainly will take a good care.

  3. Goncalo says:

    i know this post is quite old already but I cant find any information regarding the comicbooklover app for the iphone.

    I always used the comicbooklover app for iphone but had to reset phone for another reason and now it is not available anymore on the app store. I bought the software for the mac and I am used to transfer the comics to my iphone all the time using your sync tool, so it is quite a big blow for me.
    So the question is: is this software still available?

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