CameraSafe is not yet compatible with iOS 7

iOS 7 will be available for download tomorrow.  However, the current version of CameraSafe is not compatible with iOS 7 and running it will result in unpredictable behaviour.

We recommend users thinking of upgrading to iOS 7 to wait until most of their favourite applications have been updated and operate correctly.

If you choose to stay with iOS 6, the current version of the app will be the last one for iOS 6.  Any future development will focus on iOS 7.

If you decide to update to iOS 7, before doing so, please make sure you export your photos from CameraSafe and transfer them to your computer via iTunes for safe-keeping.  It is recommended you export both encrypted and unencrypted versions of your photos.  If you have forgotten your security pin or pattern, there is no way to retrieve the photos, so it is recommended you do not update to iOS 7 until you remember.  Third-party tools such as iExplorer can be used to back up the CameraSafe app and document folder on your iPhone to your computer for emergency purposes, where you could use tools to decrypt the files at a later date, should you remember your security pin or pattern.

Today, Apple updated their app store so that you will still be able to download the iOS 6 version of the app, even if in future the only listed version in the App Store is for iOS 7.

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