Apocalypse? Keep Calm and Carry On!

Carvings at Xunantunich, Belize

Use coupon MAYANAPOCALYPSE in the Bitcartel Online Store for 50% OFF everything! (Valid 14-25 Dec)

To give a gift, simply use the web store as normal, entering your payment details, but under ‘License Options’ enter the recipients name. You can then print out and glue the registration code into their Christmas card!

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3 Responses to Apocalypse? Keep Calm and Carry On!

  1. Bill Chappell says:

    I am considering loading my mac with Mountain Lion. Will iRecordMusic work with Mountain Lion or will I be up the river in a boat with a hole in it?
    Bill C.

  2. bjeanyb says:

    Hi Bill — Did you ever get any response to this question? I got a new Mini that will only run Mountain Lion, and I have, one way and another, got to the point that I can create a new recording on IRM and have it show in Calendar, but that last bit, where you go back to the application and ask it to refresh the calendar is broken, the command does not launch Calendar. It should be fix-able, AFAICT, when Apple changed the name of the calendar application from iCal to Calendar, it broke something. I’ve been running Leopard and SnowLeopard, and have had no issues, but I really love this app and want to keep using it. In fact, the power of the new computer makes it much better.

    I hope the developer is OK, I love this app and really want it fixed.

  3. bjeanyb says:

    My attempt at transition has been unsuccessful.

    I actually thought I might have it, but no such luck. The first morning I got a message that
    “an error of type -10664 has occurred;” the second day the error was “can’t set seconds of missing value to 0.” So I’m stumped.

    What happened to Simon? Help?

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