ComicBookLover (Mac) updated to 1.4 (build 1013)

ComicBookLover for Mac has been updated. The app will auto-update upon launch or you can use the menu item ‘Check for Updates…’.
  • Added option to convert CBR comics to CBZ via contextual menu item ‘Convert to CBZ’
  • Fixed an issue so that x-… tags found in ComicBookInfo metadata are preserved
  • Upgraded zip code
  • Other internal updates
If you transfer CBR comics to the iPhone/iPad app via iTunes File Sharing, please convert your CBR comics to CBZ before transferring to ensure comic tags e.g. series info, get transferred over.
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3 Responses to ComicBookLover (Mac) updated to 1.4 (build 1013)

  1. Jason Penney says:

    1.4 is still deleting any x-* tags on me, and I've had it corrupt an archive three times (all I've done so far is open a pre-tagged file and change the rating).

  2. Simon says:

    Hey Jason, please email support your comic with the x-* tags for examination.

  3. Yves says:

    I wish I could convert all selected comics at once, but the menu only appears on single items. =(

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