CameraSafe not affected by iPhone’s Keychain security vulnerability

CameraSafe is not affected by the recently demonstrated security problem in iPhones, where if your iPhone is lost or stolen, passwords can be retrieved in under 6 minutes.

When CameraSafe was designed, it was always assumed that phones could be jailbroken and that the Keychain (a part of the system where user passwords are stored) would be under attack, so we never store the password in the keychain or anywhere else for that matter.

The Keychain vulnerability is quite complex. You can find out more here:
So what can you do? As a user you can take some simple precautions.
  1. Use CameraSafe for private and sensitive photos!
  2. Set up Find My iPhone (which is now free for everyone so no need to be a member of MobileMe)
  3. If you lose your phone, remote wipe the device as soon as you discover that it’s missing (of course, the thief can remove the SIM card rendering a remote wipe useless)
Also, CameraSafe was recently updated to 1.4. It now supports the open .aes file format so you can use standard tools on Win, Mac, Linux to decrypt any encrypted photos that you email or download from CameraSafe. The full press release is here:

Happy snapping!

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