ComicBookLover Updated for Mac & iPhone

ComicBookLover has been updated for both Mac OS X and iPhone.
Mac OS X update to 1.4 (build 999) – Direct Download
  • Improved performance of locating comics which have changed location
  • Fixed an issue where after locating a comic the displayed file location in the Info window was not updated
  • Fixed a user interface bug where updating the title, volume, issue and comment of multiple comics would do nothing unless the user selected another field first
  • Removed use of some deprecated methods which caused error messages to be logged by the system
  • Fixed an issue where an error related to NSMenu was logged by the system
  • Fixed a memory leak when opening CBZ archives
iPhone update to 0.3 – iTunes App Store Page
  • Enhanced user interface
  • User can now drill-down by series, publisher or genre
  • User can sort through reading and transfers by date
  • Fixed memory leaks and other internal fixes
Happy reading!
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2 Responses to ComicBookLover Updated for Mac & iPhone

  1. Great update! All the features i wanted on the iphone are now present. Excet one. You now can go to series but it would be even cooler if it also grouped the titles. For example Series => Hellboy=> Right hand of Doom=> 1 to 5.Awesome work i will definetily buy comicbooklover as soon as the ipad it's the market as a sign of support.

  2. Anonymous says:

    With the iPad getting released in the UK in a couple of days, when can we expect an iPad version of the ComicBookLover app?I don't wanna have to resort to something else in the meantime…

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