My Software – FileStorm

I recently received an email from the makers of Filestorm about an update. Filestorm is a tool I purchased a few years ago to help automate the creation of disk images.
You remember, when it was in vogue to have a disk image open with a fancy background, preferably with a big arrow telling users to drag the icon to the Applications folder. Bonus points if you had it show a licence agreement too.

I certainly remember the support issues due to users running applications off the disk image, only to have the application mysteriously ‘disappear’ when they rebooted (the disk image gets ejected).
Thankfully, for the past year or two, ZIP has been the preferred way to distribute apps amonst many Mac developers. Most browsers will simply unzip the download and users are left with a shiny new app on their desktop. Easy. Obvious.
Filestorm is a great tool if you need to make DMGs with precision, but I’ll be retiring the old disk image artwork. Sayonara!
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