iRecordMusic update: 1.6 build 470

Please update to the latest version, 1.6 (build 470), which fixes an AppleScript issue which can cause the application to freeze. Thanks.

p.s. With short updates, is it better to blog or tweet?!
EDIT: Build 477 is out which has better scheduling on 10.4 – 10.6.
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3 Responses to iRecordMusic update: 1.6 build 470

  1. Anonymous says:

    I upgraded to build 470 yesterday, now the normally scheduled automatic recordings that I have set in iRecordMusic aren't processing ( no error messages by the way– just no recordings!). If this is part of 470's new functionality, it doesn't work for me. Sign me Long time user, first time problem.

  2. sch says:

    I occasionally have missed scheduled recordings – about 50% of the time now. I have entries in my iCal for iRecordMusic that look OK. I can start them manually with no problem.I am 477, Snow Leopard w/all updates.I also submitted a support email but haven't received any response yet.Thanks, love your product!

  3. beachmat says:

    Just wondering if there will be any farther development on iRecordMusic? I’ve been having problems with it on Mavericks.

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