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iPad, I’m down for one

The evolution continues with the iPad. I can’t wait for the apps to come. Check out the iPad presentation if you haven’t already. I loved that last slide, Apple is Technology & Liberal Arts: Indeed. In the internet consumer … Continue reading

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ComicBookLover on iPhone and iPod Touch

ComicBookLover is now on the iTunes App Store, so you can download and start transferring comics over to your iPhone or iPod Touch! This is an Alpha release, so lots of eye-candy and updates to come, and of course, we’ll … Continue reading

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My Software – FileStorm

I recently received an email from the makers of Filestorm about an update. Filestorm is a tool I purchased a few years ago to help automate the creation of disk images. You remember, when it was in vogue to have … Continue reading

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iRecordMusic update: 1.6 build 470

Please update to the latest version, 1.6 (build 470), which fixes an AppleScript issue which can cause the application to freeze. Thanks. p.s. With short updates, is it better to blog or tweet?! EDIT: Build 477 is out which has … Continue reading

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Bitcartel One

It’s the end of the road for Bitcartel One, where I started to learn how to write software on a Mac, and grappled with Carbon and Cocoa. Thanks for the memories – Motorola Inside anybody?!

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ComicBookLover 1.4 updated

ComicBookLover 1.4 has been updated to solve a few teething issues since its release a few weeks ago. It’s undergone testing on some extremely large comic libraries and it’s running pretty smoothly. Go grab the update now! Changes in build … Continue reading

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