ComicBookLover update 1.4 (build 959)

ComicBookLover 1.4 (build 959) is now available for you to download. This update brings comic file tagging, so when you edit information about a comic, the information is also tagged in the comic file, like MP3 tags. This is possible via the introduction of an open standard for comic file tagging, ComicBookInfo. When tagging CBZ comics, the tags are cross-platform, so Linux/Windows based comic readers can also read/edit the tags.

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  • Introduction of ComicBookInfo, an open standard for tagging comic files with metadata
  • Spotlight importer for integrated desktop searching of comic metadata
  • Browser pane launches if it was left open on last exit
  • Fixed bug where default smart groups were not respecting date range
  • Updated status label to show number of selected comics
  • Fixed table and artwork behaviour selection behaviour
  • Fixed bug with publication date and timezone issues
  • Improved network volume support to reduce blocking
  • Improved UI for setting publication date
  • Fixed bug where crash could occur if archive had bad name
  • Fixed bug where crash could occur if image data bad
  • Info panel behaviour updated to more closely mimic iTunes info panel when comics not present.
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3 Responses to ComicBookLover update 1.4 (build 959)

  1. Ronny says:

    just bought it, very happy but could you please please add a arc information (arc # and name) to the regular ones (volume,issue,arc,arc issue)regardsronny

  2. Reef says:

    Heck yes!! I was thinking we'd never get that metadata. Off I go to fix up my library!!

  3. unteins says:

    I'll be honest I am not a fan of your ComicBookInfo standard as I hate seeing the wheel reinvented again and again. I do understand the concern with overhead, but comic book meta data isn't edited very often. It isn't like in 2015 issue 400 of The Amazing Spiderman the whole credits will suddenly change. Book metadata is generally fixed and Epub has the right idea embedding in a text file in the zip. It would really be nice to see CBL support Epub. The next big thing would be some automated meta tag setting via either an existing online database or a crowdsourced database exclusive to CBL. Also, since cross platform meta tags are CBZ only it would be great to have conversion to CBZ built in.

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