ComicBookLover Beta Testers

The next update to ComicBookLover will involve an update to the comic library’s data model and the introduction of metadata. What this means is that information about a comic (e.g. title, series, authors) will be stored with the file and not just in ComicBookLover’s internal database.

If you would like to help (stress) test this out, get in touch by sending an email to support[at] Please fill in the following details:

Mac OS X version(s) :
Hardware :
How long have you been a ComicBookLover user? :
Approximately how many comics are in your ComicBookLover library? :

Do you also use Windows or Linux to read comics? :

Beta testing will require that you are comfortable backing up and restoring CBL data files. Ideally you will have some experience with using the Terminal.

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3 Responses to ComicBookLover Beta Testers

  1. Alfy says:

    Considering the complete lack of responses to any of my requests for support over the past two years, I find it shard to believe you would have the sass to advertise to get beta testers… .

  2. Simon says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Simon says:

    Thanks to all the people who did get in touch to be beta-testers for v1.4. It helped resolve quite a few issues prior to release.Alfy, please contact, and please provide information regarding your support requests – what email address you used, what the issues were about, etc. Thanks.

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