iPhone 3Gs Hardware Encryption

It’s been a busy week at the Apple Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, with lots of announcements at the Keynote, and lots of new toys for developers to play with.

One feature of the new iPhone 3Gs is hardware encryption. It’s great that Apple have now addressed the issue of data security on iPhones and it underlines how important applications like CameraSafe are for existing users of the original iPhone and iPhone 3G which don’t have hardware encryption.

I had a decent chat with one of the iPhoneOS security folk, and I think when the details are made public, you’ll be impressed with the encryption on the new iPhone 3Gs. However, it’s no silver bullet, so depending on your needs and level of paranoia, you should keep using CameraSafe and other security apps on your mobile devices.

If you are involved in security or have particular needs for protecting your photos, contact us at support@camerasafeapp.com with your ideas and comments.

p.s. The food’s been pretty bad at the conference!

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