Slow Burning Lacie

I have been using a pair of Lacie Little Disk 500 GB USB 2.0 drives for a few months now, no news there. Recently, one of them has been behaving strangely, sometimes the mounted drive would disconnect itself if the cable wasn’t fully extended. Today, I received a message I’ve never seen in OS X before.
I unplugged the Lacie and noticed a burning smell coming from it… nice. For now, it still seems to be functioning okay, but I guess it’s time to get a new external drive. Has anybody ripped a Little Disk apart? The shell looks quite impenetrable, and I might need to rescue the hard drive if the controller board is slowly shorting itself out.

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4 Responses to Slow Burning Lacie

  1. Anonymous says:

    anybody that buys LaCie drives should have their head examined. Go to Other World Computing (Google it) and buy a Mercury Elite series FWHD, I’ve had two of them for years now and never had _any_ trouble with them.LaCie is over-rated crap that only morons buy.

  2. Simon says:

    First time I’ve bought lacie gear. I’ve heard stories for and against so gave them a try. Designs are ok but in this case there mght be an issue of over-heating. Another frequent criticsm of lacie is that you don’t know what brand hard drive is in a unit. With WD, seagate portable drives you know what you’re getting. Don’t forget the controller chipset which is important especially with FireWire…

  3. Sven says:

    It’s quite easy to disassemble a Little Disk. The instructions can be found on had to exchange the hard disc after my Little Disk felt to the ground…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the first anonymous user. I had a lot of problems with Lacie also. Another fancy name for Chinese crap, if you ask me.

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