AppJacked 2

Once again, we’ve been AppJacked (where a software program injects itself into other applications to change behaviour, often resulting in problems). Recently, a few users reported PandoraJam and iRecordMusic mysteriously crashing. Having examined the crash reports, it seems the culprit is an audio plug-in called Hear, which has also caused problems with other applications such as Skype and EyeTV.

If you have been suffering from mysterious crashes, and you have Hear installed, check your crash logs (use in your Utilities folder), and look for tell-tale signs such as:

Thread 3 Crashed:
0 com.joesoft.hal 0x0d7a373d AudioDeviceIOProcOverride…

0xd781000 – 0xd7a9ff2 +com.joesoft.hal ??? ( /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/Hear.plugin/Contents/MacOS/Hear

The solution in such a case is to uninstall Hear, or if possible, tell it not affect the application which is crashing.

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One Response to AppJacked 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cheers for this post. One of our customers kept experiencing crashes rendering our software useless. Searched for that receipt and was brought to you. Now I know what to disable, the program works again!

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