– growing too…

Must be something in the air with also being mentioned in the financial press on the same day as Interesting to note how supposedly makes more money from advertising than selling tracks via affiliates, whereas the FT reports that’s position is the other way round., the London-based music Web site, is to increase its efforts to generate advertising revenues from its 26 million users. CBS acquired for 280 million dollars a year ago. Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive, said: “One of the main reasons agreed to be acquired by CBS had everything to do with the fact that we have great relationships with agencies and advertisers.” currently receives more revenues from selling tracks via affiliates such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes than it does from advertising, so last week it began testing a redesign with 150 percent more advertising inventory.

Quite a few folk have asked if it would be possible to develop an application like PandoraJam but for If anybody has experience using Windows based applications, or has features they would want for a souped-up experience, post your comments below…

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