PandoraJam News : Loss of functionality

UPDATE: 22 May 2008 – Good news… things seem to be working fine for the majority of users, but we will keep on monitoring the situation. Contact if you have any issues.

Dear PandoraJam users,

Recent changes to the web-site (whom as you know are not affiliated or in anyway connected to PandoraJam) are causing problems for PandoraJam. In light of these issues, we felt it best to provide you with an update:

  • Airtunes playback is working (AppleTV airtunes support is being looked at),
  • Recording, Growl, and online status integration (, twitter, etc) are currently broken. If in your case things are still working, we recommend you do not create any new stations, or login or logout of the service, but otherwise continue to use as normal.

PandoraJam was released last year, and we have had very good compatibility since day one. Many changes to are behind the scenes, unknown to the user, and we have handled those, including the recent switch from MP3 streaming to AAC+ streaming. Unfortunately, recent changes in the first week of May 2008, over at, are making it increasingly hard to maintain full compatibility.

If we are unable to resolve the issues, regarding your purchase, if you purchased on or after March 1st 2008, you may request a refund. Our normal refund policy is 30 days since date of purchase, but we wanted to extend this period given the circumstances. Folks who purchased before this period, we hope you enjoyed using the software (we think at $15 it’s been great value and a lot of fun!) and we will be offering you a discount coupon on our other software. Thanks for your understanding.

We will of course try our best to investigate and restore service… we may update and change the way the application works, perhaps with slightly different functionality, as it is not yet currently known whether existing application functionality can be fully restored. Please stay tuned.

If you have any questions, please email Thank you.

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7 Responses to PandoraJam News : Loss of functionality

  1. Bo Knows says:

    I’ve had no problems after creating new stations. Recording several hours just like always.

  2. I discovered this post the same day I discovered the PandoraJam application, and so far I’m not having any problems using PandoraJam, either.I’m on a Macbook Pro using MacOS 10.5.2 with Flash Player version (or Flash Player.plugin, Shockwave Flash 9.0 r124 according to Firefox).Hope this helps.

  3. Dr says:

    Just an observation, I reinstalled for the fun an old version of Pandorajam on my PowerBook ( except micro bugs at the beginning of some tracks, as in the past (CPU resources problems?) I succeeded in without any problem recording with the old good quality. I simply chose a quality of 128 kb/s m4a in the Pandorajam preferences, and that runs…

  4. nmelin says:

    I have not added a new station, since I just saw this post, and I’m a bit freaked out about losing functionality. Has functionality been restored yet, or are there still users out there without recording and notification functionality?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Glad crapped on you guys. Hope you choke on it.

  6. Simon says:

    What would motivate ‘anonymous’ to write something like that? Can’t see the rationale myself…

  7. Simon says:

    @nmelin – Things are working at the moment, but please send in any bug reports if you come across any issues. Thanks.

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