PandoraJam Update: 1.3 (build 238)

PandoraJam 1.3 (build 238) is now available for download, and
includes some important fixes.

Update: Please read Technote – Installing ffmpeg for PandoraJam

One important change is that you will need ffmpeg, a free utility, to create recording files. Due to licensing issues, ffmpeg cannot be included in the PandoraJam distribution. However, to keep things easy for you, PandoraJam has been set up to look for a copy of ffmpeg, often used by software like ffmpegX and VisualHub, so after installing and launching either of these tools, press the PandoraJam record button and PandoraJam will try to locate the relevant file. You can then uninstall the software if you don’t intend on using it, although both are quite handy for converting video for your iPod touch or iPhone.

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Summary of changes:
– Twitter support
– Tracks rated with a Thumbs Up can now be added to love list
– Use of ffmpeg for creating recordings
– Duplicate recording check is now case insensitive
– Fixed bug where Apple Remote preferences were ignored sometimes
– Improved compatibility with

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6 Responses to PandoraJam Update: 1.3 (build 238)

  1. Todd says:

    Ack! The update broke things for me!!Now when I launch PandoraJam I get “PandoraJam cannot launch 😦 For compatibility reasons, PandoraJam will not allow other audio applications to hijack or inject code into the running application. Please add PandoraJam to the exclusion list of such audio applications.”What to do?

  2. Nice update. The program is broken. I don’t even get an error message..WTF!!!?

  3. Simon says:

    I’ve just blogged about this. It isn’t broken as such, it’s more of a fix!

  4. Stiney says:

    Oh man, I have VisualHub installed and it doesn’t seem to pick it up.So I tried to install ffmpeg and the encoders for ffmpeg won’t download properly.Alas!

  5. dmill says:

    I’ve installed the latest build but recording seems to be hit or miss. Once in a while a song may record but most of the time they do not. I do not have any other audio tweeks installed that can cause problems with PandoraJam. ffmpeg is installed in the proper directory. I have no duplicates checked but the songs that do not record have not been recorded before. Previous version before ffmpeg worked great except for it would record duplicates of songs that were already in ITunes.

  6. Simon says:

    @stiney: Please check out the tech note regarding ffmpeg installation.As for recording, there are ongoing changes to’s service, which can change behaviour and results of using PandoraJam, often beyond our control. For the last day or two, recording has been affected.

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