Recently I’ve been receiving quite a few support questions related to:

Working with users, it was soon apparent what was the cause. Some audio applications have a feature where they hijack the audio from other applications. It’s quite funky, but since I’m already doing funky stuff within in my own application, problems can occur.

Applications like AirFoil and Audio Hijack install a program called ‘Instant Hijack’ which injects itself into other applications (pretty much everything on your system!). Unfortunately this can cause problems, even with Apple’s own software (more). So you need to configure it to not affect iRecordMusic or PandoraJam.

Update: Please read Technote – Instant Hijack Compatibility Issues

You can do this by uninstalling ‘Instant Hijack’ via the software which was used to install it, or by configuring it to ignore certain applications such as PandoraJam. The first method fixes the issue, but of course you may have a need for the software and want to keep it. The second method should fix the issue too, but from user feedback it may have no effect:

“As soon as I open irecordmusic, it immediately crashes every time… Yep, the ‘ignore certain apps’ of audio hijack did not work, so just uninstalled, now everything works fine.”

“I was able to get it working by uninstalling Airfoil’s Instant Hijack. So, 802.11n Airport Express works fine with PandoraJam, which is great! =)”

“I uninstalled instant hijack and added irecordmusic to APE’s exclude list then restarted and it seems to work.”

Things like Unsanity APE are pretty cool, but as many developers will tell you, there is a real issue with hacks and extensions that load themselves into other programs, especially when the default policy seems to be inclusive. It might be better to have an opt-in policy, where users specifically allow certain applications to be affected, resulting in fewer compatibility issues which can be hard for end-users to diagnose.

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2 Responses to AppJacked

  1. Anonymous says:

    (1) I have AHP installed but don’t know how to configure Instant Hijack to exclude Pandorajam. Can you outline the steps?(2) I have no interest in installing ffmpeg, especially since when you go to the site they tell you, “If you are installing ffmpegX for the first time, then you must also install the mencoder and mplayer binaries and the mpeg2enc binary. “So, is it possible for those of us who installed this new version to still be able to download the LAST version?

  2. Simon says:

    (1) don’t need the extras. to changes in, the last version of PandoraJam is no longer available for download.

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