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Could the last listener in Britain please turn out the lights? will be turning off their service to folks in the UK today, although at the time of writing, the service is still up and running. I suspect when the clock chimes at midnight, the lights will go off… I … Continue reading

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Achtung! Unhappy New Year for UK Pandora Listeners will cease to broadcast to UK listeners as of January 15th, 2008. The reason for this bad news? Royalty rates demanded by recording bodies would put, one of the most popular and innovative internet radio services, out of … Continue reading

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Radiotastic update: 0.92

A new version of Radiotastic is now available for download, with initial support for Leopard! I say ‘initial’ as running multiple instances of the widget only works in Tiger and is not yet supported in Leopard, but everything else such … Continue reading

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