ComicBookLover update 1.3 (build 806)

ComicBookLover 1.3 (build 806) is now available for you to download.

[Direct Link]


  • Improved multiple comic editing by displaying existing common data with checkboxes to toggle whether fields are to be changed.
  • Added option to tweak laptop rotation due to hardware differences found in the laptop accelerometers.
  • Added option to keep the last modified date of comic files when setting the Finder icon.
  • Added higher quality cover artwork and Finder icons, of size 512×512 (visible in Leopard).
  • Added large application icon (visible in Leopard).
  • Fixed a bug in displaying the publication date of comics after editing multiple comics.

The large icons for comics will be visible in Leopard, however you need to open or import the comics again for the icons to be set. In the future, I will add batch operations so you can update cover artwork, icons, convert between comic formats, etc. for many comics at once.

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6 Responses to ComicBookLover update 1.3 (build 806)

  1. Jack says:

    thanks for the latest update!the download link isn’t working however 😀

  2. Simon says:

    Now fixed. Thanks.

  3. Flemming says:

    Great update! Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello I just updated to build 806 on my 10.4.10 Power PC, and I am having a lot of problems with the published date. Now:1) A date of February cannot be entered (when you type in 2 in the date, 3 is entered instead).2) When entering a year, one year earlier than what is typed is entered.3) When entering the date for a series of comics starting with December, November is displayed instead.I like the other fixes, but any chance you could post build 782 again (or whatever was the last posted build I forget)? That build worked pretty solid for me, with only one minor glitch with the publish date (which was predictable and therefore I could work around it). Thanks.

  5. Simon says:

    I will look into this issue ASAP. It could be a display bug / timezone issue.

  6. Producte says:

    Cool update.Maybe this has been commented here before but wouldn’t it be great to have an iPhone version of this software?

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