The Duke Is Listening!

Paul Lamere over at Sun recently discovered PandoraJam, and he likes it šŸ™‚ Positive feedback from users is always appreciated, especially from fellow engineers.

It turns out that Paul heard about PandoraJam from a recent podcast: This Week In Media #75. Check out the thoughts of the TWIM team, approx. 1hr 8mins into the episode. It’s heart-warming to know that PandoraJam changed the way they think about Pandora.

Now, Paul pondered the role that PandoraJam might play – if any – in the future of Pandora. In my opinion, PandoraJam plays a positive role by introducing new listeners to the Pandora music service and more importantly, encouraging existing listeners to stay tuned in for longer (as the TWIM team say, it keeps them rockin’).

The future of Pandora and other net radio stations is all to do with the rise in royalty rates which the music industry is demanding, rather than innovative third party software and mash-ups, giving music lovers what they want. The real question to ask is, when will the music industry start listening to their own customers?

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