ComicBookLover update: 1.3 (build 787)

ComicBookLover 1.3 (build 787) is now available for you to download

[Direct Link]


  • Fixed Leopard issue where artwork pane and table were not scrolling to newly selected comics.
  • Fixed Leopard issue where setting information for multiple comics was not working correctly for certain fields.
  • Fixed Leopard issue so that auto-completion no longer completes text when the space bar is pressed.
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3 Responses to ComicBookLover update: 1.3 (build 787)

  1. Claudia says:

    Thanks for the fixes. But, I really can’t use the program fully until it has the iTunes functionality of keeping my comics folder organized and some sort of metadata.

  2. Simon says:

    Claudia, metadata is being worked on right now.

  3. GreenGreen says:

    Hey, I’m a newly identified comic enthusiast, and I love your program! Remember the bug that caused CBL to crash after full screen mode? Well, I had 696 downloaded for a sec, and the bug fix worked great. Then I up’d to 787 and the bug returned! Was that patch skipped for the latest build, or is it something with my comp?Thanks for the hard work!GG

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