Apple Haters II – Rotten To The Core

With the growing popularity of Apple, it’s inevitable that people come out and take pot-shots at Herr Jobs, as we’ve seen before. Rather than considering how the iPod & iTunes have kick-started the legitimate market in digital music, it seems easier to peddle the same lies over and over again.

Today’s piece in The Times Apple is at the core of a music rip-off, despite what Jobs says” is no different. There’s no need to pick apart the article, as we’ve seen and heard it all before. However, as evidence of rather sloppy journalism, it’s worth noting that our esteemed hack moans about the pricing of iTunes songs in the UK, before adding:

“Apple’s control over proprietary technology means that potentially cheaper rivals, such as HMV, cannot sell songs for download on to the market-leading Apple iPod.”

This is complete garbage! There is nothing stopping HMV (a retail chain which sells music, movies, games) from selling digital music in MP3 format which can be played on an iPod.

In fact, this is exactly what HMV are going to start doing, after two years of proprietary WindowsMedia DRM nastiness. How can you blame Apple for HMVs business decisions?

Is it also Apple’s fault that due to the HMV digital music store using ActiveX (proprietary Microsoft technology), their web-site only runs on Windows, meaning they cannot sell songs for download to millions of users running Macs, Linux, BSD, or Solaris?

“This site relies on ActiveX technology to download music to your machine; at this time you need Internet Explorer version 6 or greater running on Windows XP or Windows 2000 to purchase and download music.”

Yeah, keep on hating… the rest of us will just enjoy the music!

UPDATE: Looks like FakeSteve wasn’t too impressed either!
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