PandoraJam Update: 1.1 (build 149)

PandoraJam 1.1 (build 149) is now available for you to download.

[Direct Link]


  • Added support for password protected AirTunes networks.
  • Scrobbling updated to use AudioScrobbler protocol 1.2.
  • Scrobbling now makes use of HTTP proxy defined in System Preferences.
  • Improved compatibility with USB audio devices.
  • Improved handling of AirportExpress so that when paused, the AirportExpress is free for other applications to make use of.
  • Added preference option and menu item to quickly toggle scrobbling on or off.
  • Main window now remembers position between launches.
  • Fixed issue where volume of AirportExpress was not always in sync with volume slider if it was changed when paused.
  • Fixed a bug where if switching between computer and AirportExpress speakers, sometimes there would be a few seconds of old audio played.
  • Fixed a bug where updating scrobbling user details would not always take effect.
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2 Responses to PandoraJam Update: 1.1 (build 149)

  1. TheConfuzed1 says:

    I just discovered PandoraJam a few days ago, and I love it! It has given my an extra boost that is helping me to discover even more great music!I do have two recommendations for improvement however…First of all, I would like the record feature to not record duplicate tracks into iTunes. If you can get it to recognize when a track already exists, and not duplicate it, that would be great. Especially for tracks that have already been recorded by PandoraJam.The next thing also has to do with recording. How about making the playcount ‘1’ when adding a track to iTunes. It doesn’t export the song until it is completed anyway, so we already know that it has been played once.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i as well have a simple, hopefully easy improvement. i was hoping for on option of a playlist export, somesort of a textedit file with the artist, track and album names. and possible an accompanying cover art ca-loge

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