iRecordMusic update: 1.6 (build 347)

A new version of iRecordMusic is now available for download. It is recommended all users upgrade.

iRecordMusic 1.6 (build 347)



  • Fixed a problem where with QuickTime 7.2, bookmarkable AAC files were no longer listed in the Audio Books section of iTunes.

Known issues:

  • Users with QuickTime 7.2 or later installed on their system will find that real-time encoding to Apple Lossless is currently broken with all versions of iRecordMusic. Please choose another encoding format while this is being looked at.

UPDATE (21 Sep 07) – Just released 1.6 (build 434) which has two bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where encoding to bookmarkable AAC files via iTunes would fail during the tagging phase.
  • Fixed a problem where iTunes encoded AAC files were getting tagged, even if user did not request this.
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