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20 greatest big-screen comic book heroes

The Times is pure entertainment today. Not content with upsetting the Apple Fanboys, it seems the Editor’s choice piece “Who is the best big-screen comic book hero?” is not going down too well. These kind of lists are always highly … Continue reading

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Apple Haters II – Rotten To The Core

With the growing popularity of Apple, it’s inevitable that people come out and take pot-shots at Herr Jobs, as we’ve seen before. Rather than considering how the iPod & iTunes have kick-started the legitimate market in digital music, it seems … Continue reading

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PandoraJam Update: 1.1 (build 149)

PandoraJam 1.1 (build 149) is now available for you to download. [Direct Link] Changes: Added support for password protected AirTunes networks. Scrobbling updated to use AudioScrobbler protocol 1.2. Scrobbling now makes use of HTTP proxy defined in System Preferences. … Continue reading

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iRecordMusic update: 1.6 (build 347)

A new version of iRecordMusic is now available for download. It is recommended all users upgrade. iRecordMusic 1.6 (build 347) Link: Changes: Fixed a problem where with QuickTime 7.2, bookmarkable AAC files were no longer listed in the Audio Books … Continue reading

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ComicBookLover update: 1.3 (build 696)

ComicBookLover 1.3 (build 696) is now available for you to download [Direct Link] Changes: Added support for viewing comics with an Apple Remote Added support for rotating screen based on laptop motion sensor Manual lists now retain their order making … Continue reading

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