iPhone Mania

I have to agree with Nik, that despite the nay-sayers the iPhone is going to be a success. Based upon my own experience of using so-called smart-phones, and seeing the adverts and mini-demos of the iPhone (yes, this happened at WWDC, and everybody knows), it’s clear to me that the iPhone is far ahead of the competition.

I believe it might take years for Nokia and other manufacturers to catch up. They might be able to include individual components that better the iPhone on paper: a better camera, more memory, a higher resolution screen. However, can they provide the total experience? That’s what really counts, as the components are commodities which Apple can easily get hold of.

I just hope Apple partners with T-Mobile in the UK, as T-Mobile are the only mobile operator to provide reasonable rates for unlimited data usage on their mobile plans (branded Web’n’Walk).

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3 Responses to iPhone Mania

  1. Nik says:

    Yeah. T-Mobile would be awesome, although I’d miss my unlimited texts on Vodafone. Combine it with the £10 WiFi subscription for T-mobile hotspots, it’d be dangerously addictive!!

  2. Carsten says:

    does radiolover works on an iphone? carsten/germany

  3. Simon says:

    No, but once the iPhone SDK is officially released, will see what can be done.

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