ComicBookLover Update: Beta 1.3 (build 669) available

A beta of the upcoming ComicBookLover 1.3 is now available for you to download and test.

[Direct Link]

To access the beta, you’ll need to enter the name of Captain Fantastic himself: steven, gerrard. Things to look out for in this beta are:

  • Apple Remote (operates in Full screen mode)
  • Motion Sensor for laptops (operates in Full screen mode)
  • Preferences under the BETA tab for Apple Remote and Motion Sensor
  • Bugs

Please provide feedback on this beta and help shape the future of ComicBookLover. I’m especially interested in your thoughts on how to best make use of the Apple Remote, motion sensing, and also customisable keyboard short-cuts (if you already use applications which allow this, let me know which ones you feel have an intuitive user interface and make it easy to adjust short-cuts).


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15 Responses to ComicBookLover Update: Beta 1.3 (build 669) available

  1. TheDov says:

    One of the only applications I do adjust shortcuts for is Synergy (an iTunes plugin for controlling iTunes and displaying a track information floater. Below are links to its Hot Keys preferences and the sheet used in setting the hot keys (respectively).Hot Keys Preference TabHot Keys Set Key Sheet

  2. Gregory says:

    I don’t know who you guys are taking a ridiculously beautiful piece of software and then .. making it better!The motion sensored ability to tip my 12:9 ratio laptop on it’s end and read pages in their entirety without having to click through is note: when you spin the laptop back to it’s regular position, the comic reverts to a two page view regardless of default preference settings.keep up the amazing work.

  3. eriK says:

    This software is fucking fantastic. The only thing that is really getting to me, and it’s bothering me a lot, is that I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the values of tags or credits (author, artist etc…) added via the meta data properties.This should really be more intuitive. Also, the help has no entries for how to do this that I can figure out. In fact searches in help for “author” or “artist” yield no results! And a search on “credits” only brings up an entry where they’re mentioned as a variable in a smart list.Either I am retarded or you need to consider making this easier to use. Maybe making the new tag or credit added be ready for text entry, that would seem to make sense to me.

  4. Simon says:

    Erik, thanks for your feedback. I spoke to someone recently who also found the credits interface a little tricky to use. I need to tweak it in a future update to make it more intuitive.To answer your questions more specifically… you double-click in the tags table, and enter a tag, which can be freeform e.g. does not have to be a single word.For credits, you click the [+] button to add a user, then in the table, edit the name (it has auto-completion) and assign a role. The primary writer and primary artist pop-up menus will automatically (you can change this manually) select the first writer or artist (out of perhaps many) and use it for displaying in the main table in the main window.Hope this helps. You can email me at if you need any further assistance. Otherwise, enjoy the software!

  5. DavidP says:

    Thanks for letting us try this new release, and for still working on making CBL even better !I tried the new features and I like them ; the sensor motion thing is neat, but it always come back (when I roll the laptop to “normal” position) to a two-pages display ; I’d prefer it revert to the display that was active (in my case, full width).Here are some additional suggestions I made in a previous email, which I’m pretty sure got lost :1. please make it possible to have the last read comic selected when I open the app again… I always have to change the sorting method to ‘last read, reverse’, then click on the last read comic, then reset the sort to ‘name’, so I can read the next one easily when I’ve finished this one…2. please add (in the saved options) the default viewing mode (like, adjust to width, full screen).3. allow the deletion of a comic file (straight from the library) without removing the library entry (yes, the exact reverse from what exist). The goal is, if I don’t like a comic at all, I want to remove it from my (limited space) hard drive, but I want to keep my notes, and know that I already read this one, and that I hated it ;)4. change the fullscreen mode code so that, when I option-tab from CBL into (e.g. ) iTunes, it will work… For the moment, the focused app changes (iTunes reacts to keystrokes, for example) but the fullscreen view stays…5. this one may be hard to code, but here it is anyway : implement a new scrolling mode that tries and vertically scroll based on the comic’s vignettes… I don’t know if this word is right, but I guess you see what I mean : when I press space (for example), the view scrolls down only enough to make the next row of vignettes show.6. related to the last one, but easier : give a visual feedback when the bottom of the page is reached (when scrolling with the spacebar) ; for example, insert a yellow striped line below the bottom of the comics page. It’s good to see that CBL is still developped ; I’d even pay for a new license if enough interesting new features were introduced, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone ;o)Cheers, and sorry for writing so much …David.

  6. Ty Gorpet says:

    Argh! You’re killing us! When are we getting another update?I love some of the suggestions from David, but I would absolutely LOVE metatags. I know no one is doing it for cbr’s, but it’s awful to port my comics from my Mac Pro to my Macbook and have to re-edit all the data.

  7. yes, when is the next update? the wait is killing us!

  8. Ethan says:

    I’m not sure if this has been previously discussed, but it would be really nice to be able to query a database and import info about the book – as opposed to manually inputting it.

  9. Ethan says:

    how about cover flow for browsing the covers?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the next release and thanks for the incredible work you do.Not sure if this is possible or requested before but a consolidate library function like that in iTunes and also if renaming the titles in CBL would rename the actual files would be awesome features and make organising a large library much easier though I understand how currently CBL’s goal of preserving the comic files might probrably be more important.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I second the wish of renaming the title to rename the actual files. It would really be helpful.

  12. ricardo says:

    when we can have a windows version????????

  13. Botolo says:

    Wow this beta is great, the motion sensor stuff is amazing!!! Thanks for the updates!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to scroll forward and backward between pages using the mouse wheel? If not, I’m surely finding myself unimpressed by any offerings currently on the Mac. CDisplay for life.

  15. Josh says:

    Here is someting that would help make CBL that much more awesome. Please give the option in the two page view to have the animation of an actual page turning when you turn the page. I would love that feature so much because it would help relate the idea of reading actual comic books with reading them on the screen. As along time comic reader, I think it would just kinda be cool to have and I am sure everyone else would agree. Thank you and I hope you take this into consideration. Lovve the latest release.

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