RadioLover update: 1.6 (build 84)

RadioLover 1.6 (build 84) is now available for download.

Download link:

Summary of changes:
– Added option to listen to streams being recorded from within RadioLover, in addition to using iTunes or Audion.
– Added playlist preset option to set compilation flag for recordings
– Fixed internal bug where application could hang on launch under certain rare circumstances.

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3 Responses to RadioLover update: 1.6 (build 84)

  1. Carl says:

    Since I upgraded to 1.6 (build 84) the listen icon will not work. I can record but not listen. 20inch Intel iMac 10.4.9

  2. Simon says:

    At the moment you can listen to streams being recorded. The preview option has been disabled for now. A future update should change this.

  3. Lee says:

    What happened to the preview button??Another lesson learned on the upgrade path.. jeesh!Why was it disabled ??

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