RadioLover Tip: Octoshape

RadioParadise is only broadcast in 128kbps, as listed in iTunes Radio Tuner. A user recently wanted to time-shift a higher quality 192kbps stream, which requires use of Octoshape. Here’s how you can do it with RadioLover.

  1. Download, install and launch Octoshape.
  2. Select the station you want to play from the Octoshape Play page.
  3. The stream will start playing in iTunes. Locate the entry for the radio station in the iTunes Library list, select Get Info, and copy the URL (web address).
  4. Tell iTunes to stop playing.
  5. In RadioLover, create a new stream and paste the URL in. It will look something like:
  6. Play and record in RadioLover to your heart’s content!

With regards to Octoshape, do we really need more complexity and abstraction in getting an audio stream to the user?

Octoshape is a P2P servent (client and server) which runs on your computer, and it’s purpose is to reduce the bandwidth which radio stations have to use, as Octoshape will share bits of the audio stream with other listeners. Paranoid users might want to run LittleSnitch to see if other data is being sent.

This is potentially good news for cash-strapped indie radio broadcasters who can reduce their bandwidth costs and good news for listeners who might benefit from higher bitrate streams. The downside for users is that Octoshape is a Java application (perhaps the next version will be native) and there will be extra network overhead.

Whatever the future holds for Octoshape, enjoy the present with RadioLover 🙂

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