Discover new music with net radio

Lately, I’ve been listening to a fair bit of streaming internet radio via iTunes. As I came across songs I liked, I scribbled down the name. As you can imagine, after a week of this, I’m left with a piece of paper with illegible writing scrawled all over it.

The irony is, I should have used my own software, RadioLover, to record these streams, as I would then have had the songs neatly labelled in iTunes. Doh!

Anyway, for some eclectic music, I highly recommend:

  • Etherbeat (my favourite at the moment, a shame it’s only broadcast @ 64kbps)
  • RadioParadise
  • SomaFM (GrooveSalad, Space Station and Beat Blender)

Look out for some of these songs…

  • Salif – 16-00
  • Supreme Beings of Leisure – Strangelove Addiction
  • Susheela Raman – Trust in Me
  • Andre Pupp – Jalousie
  • Small Town Talk – Lagoon!
  • Kristin Hoffman – Mary
  • Aurare – Girls + Cigarettes (artist and song name is probably incorrect…)
  • Breeders – Cannonball
  • Hooverphonic – Someone
  • Man Machine – Funk corner
  • Perez Prado – Mambo
  • Ivy – Undertow
  • Kirk Degiorgo – Sabrina Malheiros, Saudade Rio
  • Afterlife – Miracle
  • Hardkandy – Big Sand

Some of these tracks are not available for purchase on the iTunes Music Store, so if you know where to get high quality digital versions (preferably DRM free), let me know.

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One Response to Discover new music with net radio

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good sounds. U can get Etherbeat @ 160K if U subscribe.

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