I spent the weekend at BarCampLondon2, a smorgasbord of web developers, hackers, entrepreneurs and unrepentant geeks. The growing success of BarCamp all around the world is down to the participants themselves, sharing ideas, technology, and a desire to learn. London was no exception, with around 170 people taking over BT’s corporate office in St.Paul’s.

Here are some random tidbits:

Gavin Bell gave a talk on “History, Time and the Internet” and how we are losing a sense of our past on the Internet. I agree. Whenever I talk about digital comics and ComicBookLover, I try to emphasize how digital comics can help preserve the cultural history of comics, to ensure stories aren’t lost over time.

Coworking – A grassroots effort by tech freelancers, indies and small business owners to create a work environment where great ideas can grow. Think incubator (2.0). Hopefully something will happen in London.

Christiano Betta – Developing tools and services to aid teachers and lecturers in creating classroom content. Will be interesting to see how this progresses, and to learn how I can improve iRecordMusic for education. iRecordMusic is already used by teachers and media faculties as an easy-to-use tool in grabbing audio content from web pages.

Tom Hughes-Croucher – Recent switcher with over 300 apps installed in his Applications folder! Works for Yahoo and from the sound of things, the Yahoo office would be a fun/good place for Coworking, and not just because it’s smack in the middle of the West End.

Want to find out more? Check out the blog posts, the photos, and try to make it to your local BarCamp!

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