ComicBookLover update: 1.2 (build 612)

A new version of ComicBookLover is now available for download. It is recommended all users upgrade.


– Fixed a bug where comic books which contained corrupt images could cause a crash.

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2 Responses to ComicBookLover update: 1.2 (build 612)

  1. Bruce says:

    Fantastic. I had noticed that bug but thought it was something I’d have to live with … after all, it was only caused by bad files anyway. Great job and also, I noticed that now the covers load starting with the first. Before it would load the covers at the top of the window last. Every release just gets better. This must truly be a labor of love for you… it shows in the quality. Keep it up!

  2. dodogildo says:

    I love Comic Book Lover. I feel very lucky because i am a mac user. So mine is the best digital comics reader so far in any platform.Browsing through the cover images is fantastic. Keep up the fantastic works!

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