Jagshemash, Radiotastic!

Radiotastic, now in Public Beta, is a Dashboard widget which lets you listen to, and record, Internet audio. It’s probably the only radio player you’ll ever need on your Dashboard, as it supports RealAudio, WindowsMedia, QuickTime and MP3 streams.

Radiotastic is free for everybody to use. However, to record for more than 15 minutes, users should upgrade to the Pro edition. Upgrading to Pro simply means becoming a registered user of either RadioLover or iRecordMusic.

We decided that Radiotastic should be free for all users of RadioLover and iRecordMusic, as thanks for the support and feedback over the years. So, Thank You!

Download Radiotastic now, and spread the word!

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5 Responses to Jagshemash, Radiotastic!

  1. Nik Fletcher says:

    Sweeeet! Great work Simon.

  2. Роман says:

    Super! Easy to use! Easy to listen! Easy to control! THANKS!

  3. RichG says:

    Very nicely done, thanks. Can I make a request? Can we get access to a scroll bar for pre-recorded content, or the ability to edit the time field to jump forward? I was 2 hours into into a 3 hour show and had to stop it for a call but it reloads the show when you hit play again. A pause function would be useful but I really miss the ability to slide forward or backwards. I used to be able to do that in Real Player but Real seem to have broken that function now.

  4. Todd says:

    I purchased a new MacBook with an Intel Processor. iRecordmusic does not recognize realplayer 9 or 10. Each realplayer program plays as a free standing application but not with iRecordmusic.Any suggestions?

  5. Simon says:

    Todd, you can e-mail us with support questions at support (at) bitcartel.com.With regards to RealPlayer, if you install the latest version of RealPlayer 10, it is a Universal Binary, and suitable for your MacBook. It should have installed an Internet Plug-In, which is used by browsers like Safari, and iRecordMusic, as well as Radiotastic. If you flip to the back side of the Radiotastic widget, do you see the RealPlayer icon? If yes, than RealPlayer has been installed correctly.With regards to iRecordMusic, you use it like a web browser to visit pages with audio, and they should play using Internet plug-ins, which you can then record. There is an online help file, with a basic tutorial. Please contact support if you need any more assistance.

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