Happy 5th Birthday iPod!

To celebrate, we have a fantastic surprise lined up for users of RadioLover and iRecordMusic. Come back to this blog tomorrow, to find out more!

In the mean-time, take a walk down memory lane by watching Steve Jobs introduce the iPod, read the original press release for the iPod, and check out the complete line-up of iPods.

I still have my first iPod, a 10GB model, with mechanical scroll wheel and standard firewire port. I recently purchased a new battery for it, but unfortunately the hard drive is on its last legs and freezes randomly, rendering the iPod useless. If anybody knows where I can obtain a replacement hard drive (at reasonable cost) let me know!

Update: Another version of the Apple Music Event

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2 Responses to Happy 5th Birthday iPod!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about a replacement hard drive but I had to replace my iPod battery and I bought one from LaptopsForLess and was really pleased. The company also has a blog at LFL Blog that has some good info about the batteries and other tech news so they might have hard drives. You could also check Tom’s Hardware they always have good info too.

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